General recommendations

  • Use HTTPS (https://...) over HTTP (http://...) whenever possible

Test a site before building a bridge

Some sites make use of anti-bot mechanisms (e.g.: by using JavaScript) in which case they work fine in regular browsers, but not in the PHP environment. To check if a site works with RSS-Bridge, create a new bridge using the template and load a valid URL (not the base URL!).

Example (using

class TestBridge extends BridgeAbstract {
	const NAME = 'Unnamed bridge';
	const URI = '';
	const DESCRIPTION = 'No description provided';
	const MAINTAINER = 'No maintainer';
	const PARAMETERS = [];
	const CACHE_TIMEOUT = 3600;

	public function collectData(){
		$html = getSimpleHTMLDOM('')
			or returnServerError('No contents received!');

This bridge should return an empty page (HTML format)