To somehow bypass the rate limiting issue it is suggested to deploy a private RSS-Bridge instance that uses a working Instagram account.

NOTE: There exists alternative bridges (e.g. PicukiBridge and PicnobBridge) for viewing posts without a working account.


  1. Retreiving session id and ds_user_id. The following steps describe how to get the session id and ds user id using a Chromium-based browser.
  • Create an Instagram account, that you will use for your RSS-Bridge instance. It is NOT recommended to use your existing account that is used for common interaction with Instagram services.

  • Login to Instagram

  • Open DevTools by pressing F12

  • Open “Networks tab”

  • In the “Filter” field input “”

  • Click on “Fetch/XHR”

  • Refresh web page

  • Click on any item from the table of http requests

  • In the new frame open the “Headers” tab and scroll to “Request Headers”

  • There will be a cookie param will lots of <key>=<value>; text. You need the value of the “sessionid” and “ds_user_id” keys. Copy them.

  1. Configuring RSS-Bridge
  • In config.ini.php add following configuration:
session_id = %sessionid from step 1%
ds_user_id = %ds_user_id from step 1%
cache_timeout = %cache timeout in seconds%

The bigger the cache_timeout value, the smaller the chance for RSS-Bridge to throw 429 errors. Default cache_timeout is 3600 seconds (1 hour).