RSS-Bridge supports calls via CLI. You can use the same parameters as you would normally use via the URI. Example:

php index.php action=display bridge=DansTonChat format=Json

Required parameters

RSS-Bridge requires a few parameters that must be specified on every call. Omitting these parameters will result in error messages:


Defines how RSS-Bridge responds to the request.

Value Description
action=list Returns a JSON formatted list of bridges. Other parameters are ignored.
action=display Returns (displays) a feed.


This parameter specifies the name of the bridge RSS-Bridge should return feeds from. The name of the bridge equals the class name of the bridges in the ./bridges/ folder without the ‘Bridge’ prefix. For example: DansTonChatBridge => DansTonChat.


This parameter specifies the format in which RSS-Bridge returns the contents. RSS-Bridge currently supports five formats: Atom, Html, Json, Mrssand Plaintext.

Optional parameters

RSS-Bridge supports optional parameters. These parameters are only valid if the options have been enabled in the index.php script.


This parameter is only available if a proxy server has been specified via proxy.url and proxy.by_bridge has been enabled. This is a Boolean parameter that can be set to true or false.

Bridge parameters

Each bridge can specify its own set of parameters. As in the example above, some bridges don’t specify any parameters or only optional parameters that can be neglected. For more details read the PARAMETERS definition for your bridge.