Enabling debug mode on a public server may result in malicious clients retrieving sensitive data about your server and possibly gaining access to it. Do not enable debug mode on a public server, unless you understand the implications of your doing!

Debug mode enables error reporting and prevents loading data from the cache (data is still written to the cache). To enable debug mode, set in config.ini.php:

enable_debug_mode = true

Allow only explicit ip addresses:

debug_mode_whitelist[] =
debug_mode_whitelist[] =


  • An empty file enables debug mode for anyone!
  • The bridge whitelist still applies! (debug mode does not enable all bridges)

RSS-Bridge will give you a visual feedback when debug mode is enabled.

While debug mode is active, RSS-Bridge will write additional data to your servers error.log.

Debug mode is controlled by the static class Debug. It provides three core functions:

  • Debug::isEnabled(): Returns true if debug mode is enabled.
  • Debug::log($message): Adds a message to error.log. It takes one parameter, which can be anything.

Example: Debug::log('Hello World!');

Notice: Debug::log($message) calls Debug::isEnabled() internally. You don’t have to do that manually.