Image proxy

As Pixiv requires images to be loaded with the Referer "https://www.pixiv.net/" header set, caching or image proxy is required to use this bridge.

To turn off image caching, set the proxy_url value in this bridge’s configuration section of config.ini.php to the url of the proxy.

The bridge will then use the proxy in this format (essentially replacing https://i.pximg.net with the proxy):

Before: https://i.pximg.net/img-original/img/0000/00/00/00/00/00/12345678_p0.png

After: https://proxy.example.com/img-original/img/0000/00/00/00/00/00/12345678_p0.png

proxy_url = "https://proxy.example.com"


Authentication is required to view and search R-18+ and non-public images. To enable this, set the following in this bridge’s configuration in config.ini.php.

; from cookie "PHPSESSID". Recommend to get in incognito browser. 
cookie = "00000000_hashedsessionidhere"