Create a new file in the bridges/ folder (see Folder structure).

The file name must be named according to following specification:

  • It starts with the full name of the site
  • All white-space must be removed
  • The first letter of a word is written in upper-case, unless the site name is specified otherwise (example: Freenews, not FreeNews, because the site is named ‘Freenews’)
  • The first character must be upper-case
  • The file name must end with ‘Bridge’
  • The file type must be PHP, written in small letters (seriously!) “.php”


Site Filename
Wikipedia WikipediaBridge.php
Facebook FacebookBridge.php
GitHub GitHubBridge.php
Freenews FreenewsBridge.php

The file must start with the PHP tags and end with an empty line. The closing tag ?> is omitted.


	// PHP code here
// This line is empty (just imagine it!)

The next step is to extend one of the base classes. Refer to one of an base classes listed on the Bridge API page.