The CacheInterface interface defines functions that need to be implemented. To create a new cache that implements CacheInterface you must implement following functions:

Find a template at the end of this file.


The loadData function

This function loads data from the cache and returns the data in the same format provided to the saveData function.

loadData(): mixed

The saveData function

This function stores the given data into the cache and returns the object instance.

saveData(mixed $data): self

The getTime function

This function returns the last write time for the cache, or false if the cache does not yet exist. Please notice that ‘cache’ refers to one specific item in the cache repository and might require additional data to identify a specific item (introduce custom functions where necessary!).

getTime(): int, false

The purgeCache function

This function removes any data from the cache that is not within the given duration. The duration is specified in seconds and defines the period between now and the oldest item to keep.

purgeCache(int $duration): null


This is the bare minimum template for a new cache:

class MyTypeCache implements CacheInterface {
    public function loadData(){
        // Implement your algorithm here!
        return null;

    public function saveData($data){
        // Implement your algorithm here!

        return $this;

    public function getTime(){
        // Implement your algorithm here!

        return false;

    public function purgeCache($duration){
        // Implement your algorithm here!
// Imaginary empty line!