The repository contains a few folders that make up RSS-Bridge. Here is a brief description of what you can expect to find where:

Folder Description
actions/ Contains all “controllers” for the web front-end.
bridges/ Contains all bridges that are currently supported. Each file represents one Bridge that is displayed on the Welcome screen of RSS-Bridge
caches/ Contains implementation for different cache back-ends supported.
contrib/ Contains various helpers for development and release process.
docs/ Contains this documentation.
formats/ Contains all export formats.
lib/ Contains the core API and helper functions.
static/ Contains all static assets for the web front-end, including images, style sheets and JavaScript code.
templates/ Contains templates for producing the HTML of the web front-end.
tests/ Contains the test suite and fixtures.
vendor/ Contains third-party libraries used by RSS-Bridge. Development of all files in this folder must be done in the vendor specific repository (not part of RSS-Bridge)